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NYC’s premier beach volleyball training program for junior players.

Yes, AVP Academy is an elite beach volleyball training program that gives you direct instruction from professional coaches during practice time on the court. But, it also utilizes an ONLINE TRAINING PLATFORM that all AVP Academy members can access 24/7 from anywhere.

This online component allows players to watch instructional videos, answer questions, and study the game, even when they are away from the volleyball court. This also includes sports psychology sessions, injury prevention and nutritional information.

If you miss live practice sessions in the sand, you won’t miss the instruction, as you will have access to the online content, including skills videos that directly correlate to the live practice sessions!

Membership with AVP Academy NYC Metro includes:

--Two practices per week in the sand, learning to play the game from experienced professional coaches, including skills development and strategy via direct instruction

-Strength and conditioning training

-Online content access, including sports psychology sessions, instructional videos, game strategy, injury prevention and nutrition information

-AVP Academy NYC Metro t-shirt

The 2019 Season begins June 1st!

Practice Schedule (also, see our Schedule page):

Saturdays at 9am: June 1st, June 15th

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am: June 18th - August 15th

Practices are held at Pier 6 in Brooklyn, easily accessible via most subway lines, by car, and quick trips across the Brooklyn Bridge.

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